Your Preferred Condominium

Looking for some condominiums in the Philippines? Condominiums has become a very popular type of housing in the Philippines, particularly with people wanting to start their lives away from their parents. This is because, unlike the usual house, condominiums are far cheaper (depending on the condominium), making it easier for a lot of people to start with their own lives. However, before looking into buying a condo unit, its important to know what your preferences are.

Location preferences

Location is one of the most important aspects of would-be buyers of condo units. The best their about condominiums are its accessibility either to relaxation or to work. Most condominiums in the Philippines are located in the heart of a big city, such as the many makati condo found in the city. These types of condominiums may serve a lot of purpose particularly with tenants that works nearby. This way, people could easily avoid rush hour. Other than these condos, such as makati condo, other condominiums are found in the outskirts of a city.

Other than its accessibility to work, some condominiums are built outside of big cities, particularly in provincial areas. Compared to condominiums found in big cities, such as that in makati condo, these types of condominiums may offer relaxation and peace. These kinds of condominiums are more popular with people wanting to start their own family or people that wanted to move away from the busy districts of a big city. Either way, these kinds of condominiums are the best place to start a family.

However, there are several things that a would-be buyer should turn their attentions to before buying a condo unit. Other than their preferences, its also best to consider the many details concerning condominiums. One in particular is with its monthly fees.

Monthly fees

Every condominium around the world, including in the Philippines, has their own fees. Other than taxes and bills, tenants would also have to pay a monthly fee. These fees are usually used for the maintenance of the whole condominium as well as for its security. So its best to look for a condominium that would not only fit your preferences with its location, but also with its fees.


Other than its location and fees, you should also consider the many rules and regulations in a condominium. This is very important, particularly when you wanted to start your own family. Although some condominiums may allow children into their units, there are several condominiums that doesn’t allow children inside their condominium as well as the number of tenants per unit. So before buying a condominium, you should get this straight before everything else.

Good Teachers Produce Higher Earning Future Citizens

From the arguments going back and forth in Wisconsin and other places about the unions of the public sector one gets the impression that America will become bankrupt because of overpaying the teachers. Nothing could be more fallacious. The challenge in the educational field is not became teachers are lining their pockets but that they are not paid their proper dues. If America desires to hold it position in the competitive field with other nations and eradicate poverty slowly spreading here, better people will have to be attracted to the teaching profession.

Till few decades previously discrimination in employment made the teaching force more strong. Women who were brilliant became school teachers at the elementary level because there were no openings for them in better jobs. It was very unfair but because of it the children of America benefited.

Today the brilliant ladies are now doctors and bankers. Of the 12th grade teachers 47% come from the lower one third rankings in the colleges.

The problem has worsened with relative pay scale. A new teacher of a public school of New York City earns $2,000 less as salary than a new lawyer at a law firm of repute. Currently the lawyers put in their pockets inclusive of bonuses $115,000 more than a teacher.

There is hardly anyone who does not know about the role of teachers and what a difference in their quality makes. In a Los Angeles based study it was found that a teacher coming from the most effective group for four consecutive years would be enough to erase the achievement gap between the Blacks and Whites.

Good teachers even from the kindergarten level cause increases in the earnings of their pupils in later life. An excellent teacher can better the lifetime income of their students in future by $20,000. In a class of 20 students it means an extra $400,000 – something to pause and think when compared with the performance of an average teacher.

A teacher who is 93% better than others in the line would add to the lifetime pay of class comprising of twenty an amount of $640,000.

The teachers union took the wrong step in making use of their clout to obtain job security instead of focusing on pay. This made the field open for low achievers. Work rules of teachers are not flexible, compared to salaries the benefits are better and it is impossible to push out teachers who are not effective.

Living Off The Edge

A house in San Francisco iterally makes living off the edge a wonder as it sticks out from a cliff supported by concrete piers. The house is nearly invisible to those in the streets and also from its immediate neighbours. Inside the residents find it difficult to believe that they are in a densely populated zone.

The credit goes to architect John Wong specializing in landscape works. He is known for integrating some of the tallest buildings in the world (the Burj Khalifa of Dubai pointing 2,717 into the sky) with the surroundings.

Wong bought this dilapidated three storey property having four bedrooms perched on a cliff top peering into the Pacific Ocean in Sea Cliff district. Wong knew that although the location could not be improved upon the building could be bettered. In 2003 he bought the house for $1.9 million.

Together with his interior designer wife Mildred Sum-Wong and his Harvard class mate Michael C. F. Chan they crafted this marvel. It took them four years. The house now covers 4,000 square foot – the rear side overlooking the Presidio National Park.

The inside is connected with the outside with the help of innumerable glass walls as well as skylights. During the day they hardly have to turn on the lights. A 23′ high wall of glass in the kitchen provides an unobstructed view of Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach and Marin Headlands. The house also has a view not of the windows of neighbours but their back yards.

A visitor and close family friend Gaylord Dillingham remarked, “It feels completely private like being in a tree house”. The furniture stands out as all the walls are white. The powder room on the main floor has its wall coloured Imperial Red – an acknowledgement to the Imperial Palace of Beijing.

The interior focuses on the stairway – the railings being made of steel cables. On either side the walls have cubicles filled with knick knacks and books. The stairway gives the impression of a ramp. The material used is laminated teak brought from China. He was inspired by a similar stairway in the Vatican – it gives the feeling of winding up to heaven!

The original entry was through a basement garage. Wong carved out a 100′ long walkway lined with stone just next to driveway but at a higher level with a hedge bordering the two. This hedge concept he borrowed from the French.

One of The Most Active Segment in Residential Property Pune

The Pune Metropolitan Region real estate market continues to show signs of stability in terms of demand and supply according to a recent study by Gera Realty. Some of the significant builders of India have begun their works from real estate market of Pune and have obtained remarkable applaud at the same time large capital gain for every residential property. The real estate industry of Pune started witnessing waves of growth around the late 90’s when the IT and related companies started setting up base in the city. Similarly, the already present auto cluster also started booming with bigger names coming here.

With the demand for quality residential spaces and availability of huge land parcel, Pune city started witnessing trends like integrated townships during that period. There are many residential property coming up, that are changing the fabric of the city. Today Pune is actually given importance in the real estate business in India and is considered amongst the cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon and Delhi/NCR etc in view of development for real estate and at the same time for property prices.

Pune city is home for significant manufacturing industries in the country where there has been thirty to fifty percent growth in the residential property business. The appreciation in respect of capital value for majority of commercial as well as residential properties is worth mentioning. Builders of Pune have developed major commercial and residential property at Bhandrkar Road, Karve Road, Viman Nagar, Dange Chowk, Shivaji Nagar, Pimple Saudagar, F.C Road and many other places. People have a large array of options when renting or buying a residential property in Pune.

Development in the Western Region of Pune started only about 15 years ago. Earlier, the area comprised primarily farm or barren land; however now some of these locations are premium locations. Pune is now expanding quite rapidly in all directions. West Pune which includes various suburbs like Aundh, Baner, Wakad, Kothurd, Balewadi, Tathawade, Bavadhan, Pashan among others has undergone a complete makeover. Pune has turned into a most lucrative place for residing thanks to the endeavour of builders. One of the cost effective housing project is Bosale Construction, this firm possesses an experience in the matter of housing industry for exceeding than three decades. They are the leader in making residential hosuing projects in the localities of Pune University. The other renowned builder in Pune is Gera Properties they have shown their capabilities by making not only residential property but also properties for commercial needs.

Private property developers along with local property builders and civic authorities are pouring in more investments in the city. The residential property segment also doing well there. These days, Pune builders are focusing on affordable houses. Prominent real estate builders like Kolte-Patil, Gera Properties have announced affordable housing property in Pune. These builders have outlined that the quality of construction will not be compromised, however these residential property would not have elaborate lifestyle features.